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Peace Region Summer Exterior Home Renovation Projects: What To Know

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Clearly, Peace Region exterior home renovation projects—think: roofing, siding, exterior painting, decks, fences, or windows—aren’t happening right now, when we are neck-high in snow. But when that limited summer sun is shining, you want to get your home’s exterior in great curb appeal shape. So what should you know if you’re hoping to book a summer exterior home renovation project?

Here are a few tips:

1. Book from March to April

Peace Region home renovation professionals myself tend to be booked up for summer work after April, so don’t put off making that call or sending that email. (By the way, contact me and you’ll get a free quote.)

Summer is a popular time to get exterior projects like siding, roofs, decks, and fences done. Living in the north, summer renovation is limited, so don’t miss your chance.

2. Order windows early

Windows can take up to two months to come in. Order yours in the spring so that they’re ready for the summer.

3. Summer is a must for roofing and fencing

When you roof in the summer, the heat provides the best chance for materials to seal together.

Fence posts must be cemented in, and in the Peace Region that can only occur during the summer months when the ground is soft enough. (Also, don’t forget to contact BC1 before you dig for fence posts and deck pilings.)

In short, don’t book roofing or fencing projects for any other time of the year.

(PS. If you’re getting fences installed this year, treated lumber is now available in a natural brown as well as the standard green.)

4. Tend to attics, soffits, and fascia at the same time

It's a good idea to get your attic ventilation done while you are changing soffits and fascia. This is an efficient, money-saving move.

5. Don’t forget permits

Building permits are required for all major renovations or structural changes. The good new is that if you work with me, I'll take care of that for you.

Send me a message if you have questions about your summer home renovation plans.

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