• Brooks Gower

2 Signs Your Drywaller Is A Good Hire

Is it as easy to see the signs of a good drywaller as it is to see the signs of a bad drywaller? Signs like warped walls, visible panels, and screw holes? If you want to lower the overall value and aesthetic appeal of your home, hire an amateur drywaller. It’s as simple as that!

Drywall is the material that is hung over the frames of your house and provides its surfaces and walls. A drywaller cuts pieces of drywall, hangs them in place, and finishes the resulting surfaces with mud, tape, and sandpaper. It sounds simple, but believe me, there are few things more disastrous than a poorly done drywall installation.

So what are the signs that your drywaller is a good hire and is going to create immaculately smooth walls and surfaces? Look for the following:

1. Resulting surfaces are 100% smooth

In a professional drywall job, you won’t be able to see where one panel ends and the other begins. You won’t be able to see joists, nails, or screws. All you will see are perfectly smooth surfaces.

2. All dust is removed

When great drywallers finish up, they leave behind no dust whatsoever. Installing drywall involves a lot of sanding to get those smooth surfaces. It’s not easy to get all that drywall dust, but a professional will. If left behind, it can find its way into various things like your paint, flooring, and weatherproofing.

As a paying customer, you’re definitely entitled to a professional drywall experience. If your drywaller doesn’t exhibit the above signs, you’re not being treated fairly. Empower yourself by talking to a pro about your drywall needs and get what you deserve: perfectly smooth, beautiful walls and surfaces.

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